Insulating Glass

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Insulating Glass

In today’s world, economic and environmental concerns are paramount in most people’s minds. When it comes to construction, both household and industrial, energy efficiency is of increasing importance. Every aspect of a window can have a considerable impact on the energy efficiency of the building in which it sits, and attention needs therefore to be paid not only to the individual components within the window, but also to the overall integration of the window system as a whole.

In addition to Wintrack being committed to providing suitable solutions for Window Energy Rated units for either domestic or commercial applications we are pleased to inform that our automated Lisec sealed unit line produces sealed units incorporating Edgetech’s Super Spacer, not just the standard Super Spacer but Edgetech’s Super Spacer T bar, therefore creating a Triseal sealed unit.

The technology suspends up to three films in the airspace of a single insulating glass unit to create multiple air tight chambers that deliver best in class insulation performance for windows. Standard insulating glass with low-e coatings delivers thermal insulating performance of 1.0 W/m2K while Heat Mirror insulating glass can achieve an U-value down to 0.3 W/m2K!

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