Decorative Glass

The perfect way to add charm and character to your home

Decorative Glass

A unique blend of the traditional, modern and contemporary, at Decorative Glass Supplies we are not afraid of mixing traditional and modern skills and materials to continually improve your enjoyment of stained glass.Glass fulfils both functional and aesthetic needs and we are expert practitioners of traditional and advanced decorative techniques, including sandblasting, acid etching and painting.We produce all our own decorative glass on-site to your specification. We can produce glass for composite doors (BCD), UPVC doors, conservatories, sidelights and fanlights etc. Why not design your own for a truly unique and beautiful addition to your home.

Decorative Glass brings elegance, identity, style and sophistication to a range of products, including glass signs, mirrors, glass doors, windows, glass partitions and screens, splashbacks and glass shower screens.You can rely on us for a flexible, highly professional service and the craftsmanship and attention to detail that will add to deliver a sparkling decorative glass addition to your interior or exterior design project.

We also offer decorative mirrors, bevelled and leaded glass work, coloured glass and much more. So why not commission a decorative mirror for your hallway to match your new glass work.

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