Toughned Glass

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Toughned Glass

Toughened Glass are one in the same thing and describe glass that has under gone thermal strengthening. Tempered Glass is produced by first cutting and machining float glass to shape and size. Any features required such as Drill Holes or Internal Cutouts must be present before the glass can begin the toughening process.

The tempering process involves sending the glass through controlled stages of temperature using a Toughening Plant, creating high surface tensions across the glass, giving it increased impact and heat resistance. Due to these benefits, toughened / tempered glass is then considered to be a Safety Glass suitable for a wide range of uses and is commonly specified in building regulations when designing with Architectural Glass.

Once the glass has completed the tempering process, no further machining can take place, as this will cause it to shatter, so it is important to let us know of any cutout / shaped features required prior to ordering.

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