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Director Message

Increase desire & awareness on green building and imminent mandatory regulations for energy efficiency has promoted the industry to prepare for future.

All larged sized companies are already aware for this and are well prepared to meet the challenges.

Wintrack India Pvt. Ltd. is working closely with green earth campaign to help to reduce carbon footprints and encourage inititives, programs & products that are energy efficient.

Medium and Large companies remain largely unaware & unprepared. Lack of infomations deprive them of even being aware of the impending danger leave aside being prepared to face them. Wintrack India Pvt. Ltd. helps small companies to educate them through seminar and confrences.

To accelerate the awareness for better facade & fenestrations product by leading companies have offer their expertise, manpower and technical support to jointely & effectively promote the cause and have launched their awareness drive" The Evolve Initiative"Wintrack India Pvt. Ltd. is an active member in evolve initiative.

Wintrack India Pvt. Ltd. is commited to provide the industry energy efficient facade & fenestration product as demand of today to save energy as required by energy efficient building code (EPBC) or green building code.

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