Bullet Proof Glass

The perfect way to add charm and character to your home

Bullet Proof Glass

Our versatile ballistic glazing solutions offers tough, capable protection against the threat of firearms. Using Smart Switchable Glass, our ballistic glazing removes potential targets from the shooter's field of vision, turning from clear to opaque instantly so the shooter is unable to see through the window.

Suitable for use in security applications in both public and private locations, our ballistic glazing can be fitted in any building or complex. We can use bullet proof or standard glass, depending on your requirements. For the majority of security projects, bullet proof glazing is recommended.

Our ballistic glazing is truly clear, not green-tinted like most bullet proof glass. We use a proprietary technology that removes the green shade to ensure a discreet solution indistinguishable from standard glazing. It is also rated for no spall. Spall are the tiny shards of glass that fly off the secure side of a ballistic pane after shooting, sometimes with lethal effect. Other bullet proof windows may not be free from spall: it's important to check before you buy.

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