Laminated Glass

The perfect way to add charm and character to your home

Laminated Glass

Our Toughened Laminate is made from multiple layers of Toughened glass, laminated together using an EVA interlayer. One of the fundamental benefits to multiple layers of glass being laminated together is that, should one panel break, the additional intact panel will still be in position while keeping hold of the broken pieces. Even in the event that all of the glass panels were to break, the interlayer adheres so strongly to the glass everything is held together

We can produce Laminate in any combination of Toughened or Non-Toughened glass, catering for any specification required.Interlayers are available in a range of different colours and provides the possibility to have images such as logos, textile fabrics and frosted effects within the center of the glass.

Toughened Laminate is ideal for Balustrading, Doors, Partitions and Flooring as it is a Safety Glass and is commonly required in current building regulations.

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