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louver windows protect against wind, weather and strong sunlight whilst providing privacy, cross ventilation and aesthetic appeal. The 6000 series louver windows is so versatile that it can be combined with our sliding, casement or single hung windows to create large window groups. It can also be combined with our Sliding and Swing doors and architectural shapes.

One of the main advantages the 6000 Louver is that there is no restrictions as to window height and it is equipped with a easily removable insect screen, so when combined with other series , you have a fully screened window unit.

Louver ensures completely strong structure and easy open/close feature under diverse weather conditions by providing an excellent leak-proof, air-tight and weather-proof structure for windy areas. ELIV louver is Energy Saving Product designed for thermal insulated structure that is made of PVC materials which is good for thermal insulation efficiency. It has unit system which can be installed or replaced in various shaped window/doors.

Louvers provide visual screening without restricting airflow. louvers offer partial and complete screening capabilities and are available in seven styles. Louvers can be manufactured from galvanized steel - offering excellent strength and corrosion resistance; aluminum - smooth and lightweight; or stainless steel - the best strength without the rough areas inherent to galvanized steel.

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