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These doors are unique in the fact that they collapse in the center and either project towards the inside or outside of an opening. Many businesses have automatic bi-folding doors in front of their store, but there are other types. You can also get a manual accordion type bi-folding door or if you have a need to keep your planes stored, there are large bi-folding hangar doors.

Bi-folding doors are a perfect addition to any area of a business where a non-standard door size is needed. They require very little side room or head room for installation. They also do not require building or structural modifications in most cases and are great for retrofits. In addition, bi-folding doors have the ability to be custom-made to any size, and this can be promising for difficult door openings of irregular size.

Sometimes your doors do not open as smoothly or it has been a while since they have been maintained. Regardless, in order to keep them in tip top shape, it is recommended that you get your bi-folding door maintained and inspected on a regular basis by a professional. Wintrack Doors prides themselves in having fast, friendly service, with experienced technicians that have been trained at a proprietary state-of-the-art training center.

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