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Security Grill

The important part in the project is fixing of Windows & Steel grills as most of the time we presume that if Grills are there, we are secure.. that is not true as choice of screws (anchor screws) as well as distance in between while fixing of windows & grills plays pivotal role to secure your home

Our security grilles for doors and windows are available in a range of colours and a range of designs. They are commonly found in offices and commercial properties, where they have a major benefit over security bars: When not in use, they can be retracted and stored out of sight. This means that offices and other business premises can be light, airy, and pleasant places to work during the day, before transforming into highly secure locked-down complexes by night.

All of our security solutions are manufactured to the highest possible standards, and many are “Secured by Design” products that have been recognised and approved by insurance companies, meaning that they can even result in lower insurance premiums.

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